We help Startup and growth-oriented businesses get Talent Acquisition right.

Let us hire for you now and build your long-term Talent Acquisition Strategy the right way.

You focus on driving business outcomes.

Embedded Talent: An in-house Talent Acquisition team for hire and at your disposal.

Without a strong Talent Acquisition Strategy… Growth, Revenue, Funding, and/or High Employee Turnover may be at risk and hiring will continue to be a challenge.

Do you have significant hiring needs now or upcoming?

Are you struggling to find Talent?

Does it take you more than 45 days to hire?

Is your interview process inefficient?

Do Candidates have a positive experience interviewing with you?

What's Embedded Talent about?
-Think of us as your recruiting team or as reinforcements to your in-house team.
-We aren't here to replace anyone.
-We are here to support and build a Talent Acquisition Strategy for both your short and long-term hiring needs.
-Best part is you take it all with you whether you bring us along or not

What we can do:
-Attract and Hire Talent Immediately
-Decrease Cost-Per-Hire
-Decrease Time to Fill
-Improve Talent Assessment Ability
-Increase Interview Process Efficiency
-Improve Candidate Experience

Keep in Mind:
-When a TA strategy is working well , the average cost per hire in the United States is 1.25-1.5x an employee's base salary per year. When it's not working well, it can be as much as 2x to 3x
-Hiring an Staffing Agency or RPO service can be a very helpful solution but will cost an additional 15-25% cost on top of the new employee's base salary-There are amazing Software, Technology, and 3rd party platforms available but effectively useless without a sound TA Strategy

Talent Acquisition Audit

Let's start with auditing your current Talent Acquisition Strategy from opening a requisition to hiring talent.

What is or is not working currently?
What does your data tell us?
Do you know who you need to hire?
Do you know where and how to find them?
What is the Candidate Experience like?

We will uncover everything. Then we will get to work. Our mission is to leave you with a high performance Talent Acquisition Strategy and Team.

Strategy Build

Whether it's been trial and error or banging your head into a wall, let's cut through it all so you can:

  • Attract and hire top talent

  • Hire people within 45 days or less

  • Operate an efficient but thorough interview process

  • Know exactly what skill level you need to hire for

  • Give every candidate a positive interview experience and view of your company

  • Stop wasting time and money with a hiring delays or making bad hires

Real Time Recruiting

We know you have hiring needs now.

Rather than wait for the TA Strategy to be launched, let us recruit for you now, while you watch your new strategy in action.

Already have an in-house team? Great, we want to work them and support them. Like we said, we aren't here to replace anyone, only help.

We get to work, so you can grow.

If you've read this far, hopefully you see that we don't care to linger. We want to get in, get the work done, and get out. Everything we build stays with you.We want to be the partner you need right now (and hopefully in the future, should any business needs change)We can structure our contracts to best suit your needs.

About the Company

We recognized that there is an opportunity to improve Recruiting and Talent Acquisition for both sides of the table: Businesses and prospective candidates.Whether you call it fractional, consultancy orTalent Acquisition as a Service (TAaaS). Dial us up or down as needed as your business grows.Your recruiting process is the first look into how you operate as an organization.If you have an lengthy interview process, negative candidate experience, or bring the wrong people into your organization the perception of your organization decreases negatively.It doesn't require tons of money or more tools and software. What it takes is optimizing what you have and tightening everything up. An outsiders perspective and processes proven to work can help improve a talent acquisition strategy and your ability to recruit top talent efficiently.We come with years of experience in Recruitment, TA strategy and Sales, so we know what it takes to move people.It's important to go to market with an excellent Talent Acquisition Strategy to help set the tone for success and growth.Establishing your own Talent Acquisition Strategy will bring the most value to your organization by saving time and money while enabling you to consistently hire the right candidates quicklyWork with us to establish a long-term, scalable in-house Talent Acquisition Strategy, while hiring talent needed in the short term

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